Feather & Teardrop Flags Sri Lanka

Effectiveness of flags in advertising

Flags have a unique feature that most other advertising channels do not posses. Whilst with other channels, the consumer can choose to either look at the advertising or ignore it; when it comes to flags, their eyes are automatically drawn to the movement in the flags.

With this movement, the consumers will be left with an imprint of your branding in their mind as their eyes will subconsciously focus on this movement. This is the reason that flags have become one of the most effective ways of advertising globally.

About AshZone

AshZone is a leading supplier of high quality flags to small and large scale companies, Australia wide for the last 5 years. The company has now decided to offer this unique and effective method of advertising to the Sri Lankan market. The flags are bound to create extensive brand awareness for your company.

If you want your brand to stand out from your competittion, this is the solution for you. It’s unique, eye catching and effective.

Typical Types of Flags

Typically there are two types of flags offered by AshZone. They are Feather Flags and Teardrop Flags. Each design has its unique features.

Feather Flags Teardrop Flags

More about the flags

We use true digital printing which means that you will get perfect re-production of colures and graphics. This will ensure that your logos and branding will be printed perfectly with perfect colors.

The flags also come with true double side printing. Each side of the flag is printed separately and they are stitched together with a BLACKOUT cloth in the middle. This makes the branding seen properly from both sides.

Also as the flag has three layers, which will make them last longer

Flag Pole & Base

The flag pole is made out of heavy duty Fiberglass. This makes the flag pole flexible as well as strong. The flag poles come in a carry case which makes it easy to move the flag around.

Once the flag is fitted onto the flag base, it will move with the wind. This movement is what will ensure that any person passing by will focus on your branding. The flag base has a havy duty spindle that will move with the wind with ease

Flag Sizes & Prices

There are three different sizes of Feather & Teardrop flags to choose from. The Sizes and the pricing are as follows;

Small (2m) Feather or Teardrop Flags Rs19,500
Medium (3m) Feather or Teardrop Flags Rs25,000
Large (4m) Feather or Teardrop Flags Rs29,500
Please note that the prices above are in Sri Lankan Rupees

With all the flags we deliver, you would be get the following;

+ Feather or Teardrop Flag with Doubleside Print
+ Flag Pole with the carry case
+ Flag Base

How to Order

You can call us on 0777 873166 in Sri Lanka or just use the contact page on this site to get in touch with us. We will then talk to you and study your requirement and proceed with the order